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24/7 access to talking therapies via a national network of therapists, counsellors and psychiatrists

The pathway from triage will be to SIX MHS’s national network of therapists, counsellors and specialists including psychiatrists and psychotherapists. All SIX MHS practitioners are vetted as to their qualification, experience, place of work and suitability to a minimum of BACP standards or the relevant qualification in their field. All client employee referrals will start with an assessment that will inform the individual’s care plan.


We offer a treatment framework contained within twelve sessions. The model we propose begins with a professional assessment which, in turn, determines a bespoke care plan. Typically, treatments would contain an interim review at session five and a working aftercare plan at session ten, leaving two sessions for establishing ongoing self-maintenance or client handover. Treatment completion or treatment end for other reasons, such as an individual achieving their treatment objectives earlier than care plan expectations or a client’s disengagement, will be followed by a Treatment Summary Report delivered to the Clinical Director of SIX MHS (confidentially assured).

Our experience suggests that there is no one-size fits all treatment, and such frameworks need the ability to be flexible. However, the templates and structure of a standard episode gives us the tools to manage variations.


This multi-disciplinary, collaborative, clinical approach includes regular dialogue with the Clinical Lead. We recommend an out-of-hours answering service which is included in the cost to enable 24-hour support.

For more information on how we might be able to help you or your business, please:

SIX MHS has access to a large network of highly qualified, fully insured counsellors covering the whole of the UK. All the counsellors in our network operate within guidelines and principles established with



All the work we do with our clients is completely confidential.


SIX MHS will provide a Clinical Lead to work alongside our Educational Lead who have direct contact with your welfare and HR departments. We would also propose a structure that involves regular meetings and milestones with the relevant departments. Although the SIX MHS Clinical Lead will be a therapist, their responsibility in this role will be to triage and care plan as part of a multi-disciplinary team with the appropriate practitioners.


Although the types of business we work with vary, the conditions of mental health tend to follow patterns, and our experience enables us to spot symptoms and direct an individual to the help they need.

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Have an up-to-date accreditation with their appropriate regulatory body

(for example, HCPC, BACP, BABCP)