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We provide advice and strategy to companies and individuals on topics relating to mental and emotional health.

On occasions where we receive an enquiry that requires a specialist who is not represented in a geographical area, or our therapists in that area are unavailable (this could be a capacity issue or simply annual leave), we have developed a thorough and quick due-diligence process. However, this this may take slightly longer. It is rare that a client is not placed within five days of the initial contact; in such cases clients are supported by our own therapists remotely until the one-to-one sessions are set up.

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SIX MHS will serve those who require confidential and quick access to professional mental and emotional health services.



SIX MHS manages a national network of therapists, counsellors and psychiatrists. We have independent practitioners and partner organisations associated to the network. 


All practitioners and organisations are vetted as to their qualification, specialism, experience, location and appropriateness. This means that we can match an individual to the level of intervention with a practitioner with experience of their condition, within a 45 minute travel time of their home or Branch. This process is usually completed within 24 hours.

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Have an up-to-date accreditation with their appropriate regulatory body

(for example, HCPC, BACP, BABCP)