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Residential treatment for addictive disorders via leading partner organisations across the globe. 

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Gambling and substance abuse are, unfortunately, commonplace in our society.  With honest conversations in groups and with a counsellor can begin to help people understand their thoughts and feelings and how this might change their patterns of behaviour.


When an individual’s relationship with a behaviour or a substance becomes particularly problematic the most appropriate form of treatment might be a residential stay in a rehabilitation clinic or ‘rehab’.

Treatment programmes are designed to empower individuals to make lasting changes in their lives.  Over the years we have developed a holistic care package that work.



Rehabilitation Treatment Centre for addictive disorders:

We have very strong relationships with Clouds House in Wiltshire and Chestnuts in Nottinghamshire (regarded as the best two treatments centres in the UK).  These residential treatment centres will allow us to run our holistic recovery program for your employees at their facility using SIX MHS specialists.

Short intense 2 week, triggers and restart program:

This is designed for those who are unable to spare enough time for a 28 day residential treatment and provides an intensive blast with an expert therapist at a treatment centre. This treatment has really benefitted people that have had a little bit of recovery and need a further refresher. Also people who need a private and confidential place to take stock.


Advanced beginners:

This program is for those who have been and continue to be in, recovery (like our Chairman). This is a therapeutic online get-together to maintain mental health, continue the good work, and voice any issues. This will be run and policed by a SIX MHS therapist.