SIX MHS give life changing Educational Seminars promoting mentally healthy workspaces

We always welcome enquiries from those who may be interested in finding out more about our range of educational seminars and how we might adapt seminars for their particular organisation.  Drop us a line to see how we can help you or your business.



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We provide a wide range of education lectures that are tailored to your requirements.

 Some of the workshops we have developed include:

• Emotional and Mental Health: Thoughts & Feelings

• Gambling Awareness and Protection

• Substance Use and Misuse

• Wellbeing in the workplace

• Leadership seminars

SIX MHS recognises that every working environment can be stressful – whether from home, on the road or office-based – now further exacerbated by the current pressures of isolation and anxiety resulting from the Covid-19 situation.


Our belief is that the whole can only be as mentally well as the sum of its parts, and it is the wellbeing of the individuals which creates the wellbeing of the company and vice-versa.


SIX MHS will allocate an Education Lead to work with clients to co-ordinate an agreed education programme across the business. We would expect this to be a jointly managed project between the two organisations.


The SIX MHS Education Department will then work with clients to create an employee-facing curriculum and syllabus, designed to work across the business.


We have a proven track record of delivering mental health, emotional wellbeing and self-care education that is tailored to the audience. We would propose to deliver a series of workshops and seminars. These would be implemented across the business and would echo and reinforce a culture and messaging that we would agree with client. We believe relevant and solid education is key to making staff feel valued and secure in the knowledge that if they reach out for help, SIX MHS will be there to support them.   All staff at SIX MHS have had, and dealt with, their own mental health issues – whether this be depression, anxiety or addiction. This wealth of personal experience enables our staff to empathise and connect when an employee reaches out for help.


SIX MHS seminars include three elements: Information and Teaching; Participant Reflection & Application and Personal Experience (provided by an individual relevant to the subject). All sessions have clear learning objectives and a system of participant feedback. Employee-facing seminars will usually last 45 – 60 minutes


We deliver a spectrum of seminars which includes: Resilience and Self-care; Gambling and other Destructive Behaviours; Emotional Balance; Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance; Wellbeing in the Work Place and Asking for Help.


As above, we would establish, with the client an agreed education curriculum that works within an overall education strategy. We believe it should strive to increase both collective and individual knowledge, an awareness of the topic of mental health and the resources and pathways available to those in need. Seminars are tailored to the relevant audience. We consider staff roles, their interface with the workforce population and the relevance and level of the topic put to them.

Subjects and content will vary across a spectrum of relevance and depth to every client employee. Topics may include at one level: signposting, self-care and mental health conditions, whereas the management group may receive more technical content and training. If the groups is overlap then we would fill the gaps. However, the critical issue is that all education signposts to our helpline.



•  Mental Health in the Workplace talk

•  Wellbeing workshop

•  Leadership seminar

•  Induction day

•  Introduce mental health online assessment in the first year of the relationship with the client

•  Conference presentation

•  Online tools

•  Mental Health toolbox

•  Signpost to our other services