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SIX MHS Addiction Recovery Services: Residential Treatment



An integrative approach to addiction treatment

Addiction can manifest itself in a multitude of forms - we provide treatment for addictions to alcohol, drugs (prescription or other), gambling, gaming, social media, sex and also for eating disorders in a safe, controlled environment that is tailored to support the initial stages of rehabilitation.


Our tried and tested group therapy model provides a safe environment in which clients gain valuable insights into their relationships with themselves, other people and the substances or behaviours of their addiction.

How it works:

We believe that there is no such thing as an effective one-size-fits-all treatment for addiction, so we are committed to providing our clients with specialist treatment and focused care.

SIX MHS Addiction Recovery Services: Residential Treatment, Group Therapy

Treatment programmes are designed to empower individuals to make lasting changes in their lives. 

We understand that residential treatment can be a daunting prospect, at least at first. However, intensive residential treatment can have an incredibly positive impact on an individual’s health, wellbeing and quality of life. It provides the time, care and attention that is needed to fully address mental, emotional and physical issues, and take steps towards the happy and fulfilling life that each person deserves.


If required, the first step may be for clients to undergo a medically assisted detoxification programme, to manage the withdrawal state as any traces of drugs and/or alcohol are eliminated from their system. Once detox has been completed, clients are then able to transition directly to our rigorous therapy programme, in order to tackle the psychological side of their addiction.


The length of any residential stay will be tailored to each individual’s need, following assessment. We are also able to provide a variety of options to accommodate different financial considerations and personal preferences.

To find out if we can help you:

Holistic residential programmes


Delicious meals, with catering to suit individual dietary requirements

*Location dependent.

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