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Addiction Recovery Services
The most affordable outpatient programme.
The most affordable outpatient programme.
Group therapy
Tony Adams, MBE
We find that the 90 in 90 commitment, is the most comprehensive effective treatment to get addicts on their road to recovery.
Our Chairman, Tony Adams personal journey into recovery was one to one therapy, fellowship meetings and peer support.

We at SIX MHS have modelled this 12 week, 12 step programme based on his early day’s experiences.  He has been clean and sober for more than 26 years using this programme.  The programme is designed to help achieve recovery through the means of traditional models of addiction, whilst being firmly rooted in rooted in evidence-based practice.
Why Outpatient Treatment?
This idea is for the so many that don’t want to go into rehab, and dip their toes into fellowship meetings
and get scared,or have a bad experience that they’re not ready for, then go back out.  If we can prepare them witha couple of counselling sessions a week, support them through the 90 meetings process and debrief them at the end before they embark on their new life feeling that they have a good foundation, and no longer need to go back out there, then it could be a life-changing experience for them.

This is one stepup from peer support or 1/2/1 counselling and one step down from Rehab. For people with children or jobs and want to get well in their own environment.

Our Programme includes:
Assessment by a RMN
Bespoke treatment planning
Group therapy
Individual therapy
SIX MHS 90 in 90 Workbook
Meditation, mindfulness,
   art therapy

Exercise programme
Aftercare programme
The Programme
Lasting recovery without the need for a treatment centre
12 weeks of one to one therapy with a BACP addiction therapist and a 12 step peer support/recovery coach.

The therapist will help you
heal your trauma and the peer support worker will re-connect you with life and community again.

One meeting a week with your therapist and peer support worker.

Peer support will be available on the phone.

They will introduce you to
fellowship recovery groups, which includes SIX MHS Pan-fellowship meeting and the SIX MHS WhatsApp recovery community.
Introduce you to the concept of a sponsor and signpost to a sponsor if necessary.  We will be your temporary sponsor in this process.

Introduce you into the 12 step programme and in particular the first 3 steps.

Will agree to try to go to
90 meetings in the 12 weeks, which can include online meetings.  This can be reduced if there is an honesty desire to attend meetings.

Will discuss the benefits of exercise and refer you to other professionals when/if appropriate.

Bespoke 12 step treatment planning.

Big book study.

End of 12 step programme care plan.
Some of the substance and behaviour addictions we treat
Alcohol & drug addiction
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Our BACP Therapists are located throughout the UK.


For more information, or to have a chat about how we may support you with your addiction, please give us a call.
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