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SIX MHS provides confidential and quick access to professional mental and emotional health services

On occasions where we receive an enquiry that requires a specialist who is not represented in a geographical area, or our therapists in that area are already at full capacity, we have therapists who are able to provide remote sessions online or by phone.


We are committed to providing the best possible person-centred care for each caller. Our diverse network of counsellors includes culturally sensitive and multi-lingual therapists, as well as those happy to deliver sessions through a variety of platforms, to enable us to find a practitioner to suit each caller's requirements.

For more information on how we might be able to help you or your business, please:

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SIX MHS has a large network of highly qualified, fully insured counsellors covering the whole of the UK.

SIX MHS manages a national network of therapists, counsellors and specialists, including psychologists and psychotherapists. We have independent practitioners and partner organisations in the network.


All practitioners and organisations are vetted for their qualification, specialism, experience, place of work and suitability to a minimum of BACP standards or the relevant qualification in their field, and they all operate within guidelines and principles established with SIX MHS.

This network of expertise allows us to match each individual caller with a practitioner with experience of their condition, within a 45 minute travel time of their home or Branch. This process is usually completed within 24 hours.


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Have an up-to-date accreditation with their appropriate regulatory body

(for example, HCPC, BACP, BABCP)